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    • ? 高過載性能


      With the industrial grade power module, it has the characteristics of strong overload capability and large starting torque, thus ensuring that most of less than 5.5 KW models can generally achieve 2.5 times overload and the 7.5 KW or more can achieve 2.5 times overload.The optimized motor control algorithm has realized the full-digital control over torque, speed and position accuracy.

      (圖示力矩曲線圖∶測試規格:110機座,1.3kw,4N-m ,3000rpm 電機額定工況及過載工況下。)

      (The torque curve shown in the figure:Test specifications: Base 110,1.3kw, 4N·m,operating conditions of 3000 rpm rated motor conditions and its overload condition

    • ? 高速高性能

      采用高性能DSP+ FPGA體系結構,數據處理運算速度快,集成度高、可靠性好。采用優化的PID控制算法和指令平滑功能,提高動態跟蹤和穩定性能。速度響應帶寬達1.2kHz,提升命令響應速度,位置整定時間最優可達1ms,轉速波動范圍0.03%。

      The high-performance DSP + FDGA architecture is adopted to obtain fast data processing and computing speed as well as high integration and good reliability.The optimized PID control algorithm and the command smoothing function have improved the dynamic tracking and stability.The speed response bandwidth is up to 1.2kHz,which improves the command response speed.The position setting time is optimally up to 1ms,and the speed fluctuation range is 0.03%.

    • ? 高分辨率的反饋單元


      The servo motor contains 131072 ppr high-resolution encoder with high precision, low speed and good perfomance It can be compatile with vaious feedback units such as reduced-line absolute encoder and rotary transformer to improve positioning accuracy and the stability operating at a low speed.

    • ? 高速通信功能

      伺服驅動器支持多種高速工業現場總線,可靈活配套對應的CNC數控系統、PLC、控制器等。伺服驅動器標配RS485接口,內部集成MODBUS通訊協議,能夠與PLC、觸摸屏等組網通信。ES2系列伺服驅動器標配USB接口,配合ELESY Soft軟件,可以便捷的對伺服進行配置與監控。

      Servo driver can support many high-speed indutial feld buses, which can fexibly match with the coresponding CNC numerical control system, PLlC and controlle.The servo driver is equiped with RS485 interface as standard, and integrated with MODBuS communication protocol, which can communicate with the networks incuding PlC and touch screen.Equipped with USB interfaces as standard and ELESY Soft software, ES2 series servo driver can easily configure and monitor the servo.

    • 郵箱:sa@elesy.cn
    • 傳真:0757-23276638


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